why us

It's not us and them.

It’s WE. – It is the combination of two local companies in their respective countries working in partnership is what creates this unique proposition of Auckland Shanghai Trading Company Limited for you.


We have a wide range of products to choose from to start your venture or grow it further.

Business Experience in China

Our experienced group in China has encounter working globally. This ensures full knowledge of your venture, which makes us expertise when guiding you.

Networking in China

Since we have a strong network of suppliers and manufacturers, we help you limit hazards and uphold a strategic distance from issues in operations.


We provide you with the peace of mind and ease of communication being a local New Zealand business. Our Chinese partner, SZKT, employs staff in Shenzhen and has partnership with number of manufacturing companies across varied industries. We leverage their understanding of culture, preferences and way of doing business in China which in turn provides you with best from that market.

Professional Services

One-stop flexible solution for any businessman or enterprise worldwide. We offer you easy access to thousands of high quality world-class factories equipped to fulfill your exact specifications.


We are based at Mount Eden, Auckland, you can walk in to our office any time and have a chat about your requirement, and we would assist you.


Any feedback shall be replied within 24 hours. Instant communication available 12 hours every day.


At Go Import we are fair with our pricing, we offer great value for money and are very competitive in this specialized industry.

Like to discuss more about this? Connect with us on 08007 08007 or email us at [email protected].