Go Import One Stop Solution Service

One Stop Solution Service

Go Import One stop solution Service means Go Import Company shall work as the client's own buying office in China and can solve all the issues regarding the import of their goods in person. This service is catered for large orders and the exact cost can be discussed case by case as Go Import has a minimum charge for this service.

Why do you need a One stop solution Service in China?

On the one hand most of the Chinese SMALL and MID-scale factories do not have a direct Export License at present and the buyer cannot purchase legally and directly from them. Those factories will use their own Export Agent in China to protect their interests. The buyers are suggested to use their own Export or Import agent to protect their own interests in China in such cases. On the other hand, a qualified import or export agent will act as your own assistants and eyes, they will help you keep sourcing better qualified factories, control the business risks, control the quality and even offer after-sale services etc here in China, by this way the client can save much more time and cost.

With this service, Go Import can offer One stop solution to all the work or services for their clients worldwide:

  • Sourcing new suppliers or factories & sampling
  • Verification or Inspection of your suppliers
  • Management of suppliers in China
  • Project management
  • Price negotiation
  • Delivery support (Shipping and Logistic Support)
  • Customs clearance
  • Formal contract documentation support
  • Quality control management
  • Loading process supervision
  • After-sale service support
  • Other services may be available upon request

What the clients have to do is simply to tell Go Import their detailed buying information (product name, descriptions, specifications, applications, quantity and quality requirements etc) and then receive and sell the goods at their end. This service is catered for project procurement and large orders. STIN staff shall work for the clients formally after they sign a Cooperation Agreement with them by fax or email. Go Import is simply acting as your own eyes, assistants and office and our mission is to save you more and reduce the risks in your business in China.